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Explore Love Medway!

Love Medway Radio is a brand new local radio station for the Medway Towns.


We’re very new and currently building our schedule and recruiting volunteers. Neil is live every day with Love Medway Breakfast and Dan is on live duty every week with The Daturday Show. Party with Lee’s Dance Party WeeklyChaos with Amy features punk, rock & metal, and Amy also present Happy Hour featuring interviews and Gillingham FC bulletins. Our newest additions are Daniel’s Music Café and DJ Timothy G’s dance mixes. Until we find new presenters, the rest of the time it’s DJBot600 playing the tunes – but it’s a playlist you won’t want to turn off! Forget paying all that money to streaming services, stream us for free! Click here for the full schedule and show descriptions.

You can listen on this website (click play at the top of the page) or download the free Love Medway Radio iOS app – Anroid app should be coming soon but it’s currently lost in the netherworld of Google testing! You can enable the Love Medway Radio skill for your Alexa speaker and ask Alexa to “start” or “open Love Medway Radio”. We’re also on the My Tuner and Radio UK apps (links below).

We have big and exciting plans, but it’s one step at a time. We now have national news headlines together with sport, business and showbiz bulletins, as well as some longer news and business slots. We still need to find a way of bringing local news to the station. Ultimately, we’d like to be available on DAB. These will all cost money so we need the support of sponsors, advertisers or donors. Click here to read more.

Meanwhile, enjoy the content on this site and enjoy Love Medway Radio any time 24/7. Please get in touch with any events or local news relevant to Medway. Let us know your thoughts on the station, think about volunteering with us, or just request a song! (WhatsApp link is at the top of the page).

How to listen

Our Alexa smart speaker skill is now available! Click here to find the skill on Amazon’s website. The skill enables you to ask Alexa to ”Start” or ”Open Love Medway Radio”. PLUS, our FREE iOS app is now available to download (the Android app is in the final but painfully slow stage of development).

We’re an online station, on air 24/7 via this website and hosted on other radio platforms. At the top of this and every page of Love Medway you will see the current playing song or show, with a “play” button in the middle. Just click that and wait a few seconds for it to connect. It will keep playing no matter where you navigate on this site. Alternatively, go to one of the providers listed below. My Tuner and Radio-UK also provide apps, and we’ll have a dedicated Love Medway Radio app available to download very soon. Please click here to see how you can help support the station financially.

How to listen
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