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Once Upon A Time In Medway

Love Medway Team

4 Sept 2023

Local photographer Dan Gardner has published a new photo zine all about Medway. He tells us a bit more about it and has kindly provided a sample of images from it.

The photo zine (or mini book) is entitled “Once Upon a Time in Medway”, which is based on a photo project that I've been working on over the past 5 years.

The images in this project attempt to reflect the diverse character, environment and atmosphere that is felt and observed on the streets of Medway. Finding pockets of beauty inside the deprivation that lingers. Capturing scraps of untold stories within the ordinary lives, forgotten spaces and old landscapes which make Medway what it is today.

Within this publication I hope to paint an honest and heartfelt picture, an endearing photographic record of Once Upon a Time in Medway. The zine features 58 black and white image, and it‘s a limited edition of 50 copies sized 210mm x 210mm, perfect bound, 52 pages cover to cover.

This photo project will also be exhibited at the Medway Archive Centre from Thursday 12th October to Friday 15th December. The photo zines will also be available for purchase at the exhibition, as well as on my website.

More info can be found at:

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