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Medway Culture Club nominated for National Diversity Award

Love Medway Team

18 May 2022

Medway Culture Club will be celebrating National Windrush Day at their June workshop – plus there’s exciting news about the National Diversity Awards!

National Diversity Award

Exciting news from Medway Culture Club! For the second consecutive year, they have been nominated for a National Diversity Award, if you believe in what they are doing, please spare a moment to vote for them to be shortlisted to win a National Diversity Award and help put Medway on the map!


About the Club

Medway Culture Club is the latest Children’s Charity to hit the Medway Towns in Kent. They offer fun-filled workshops and events for children aged 5-16 years old, addressing the educational gaps in history and highlighting the positive contributions that have helped shape our society. This community-led Charity was formed in 2020 with the objective of improving social isolation and promoting racial harmony in Medway. The founders include a variety of home-grown educators and professionals with a shared passion for unity and youth work. Since then, they have been working hard to inspire and motivate the next generation by offering a combination of structured lessons, practical activities and mentorship. They promote social and racial harmony within the community to facilitate inclusion and do this by creating cultural access points and increasing active engagement. Delivering extra-curricular activities in areas such as arts & culture, literature, history, music and sports. January marked the first anniversary of this service and the team of volunteers, which range from teachers to trades union reps. The team have now successfully delivered monthly sessions both online and IRL (in real life) with attendee numbers increasing steadily, resulting in classes being fully booked to maximum capacity.

The drama of Windrush

The next session will be held on 11th June, 10:30am-1pm. Ahead of the fifth annual National Windrush Day, this interactive workshop will use performing arts based activities to describe the migration of people arriving in the UK from Caribbean countries between 1940s - 1970s, who are known as the “Windrush generation".

Activities will be tailored for 5-16 year-olds. To finish, a hot Caribbean lunch will be served.

Booking is open from 8th May and will close when all tickets are sold out or on 8th June, whichever occurs first.