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Medway Pride Radio

Shea Coffey

1 Mar 2021

Start a Radio station they said…it’ll be fun they said…
And it is. It’s hard work, but the most amazing fun.

Just before Christmas 2020, Hilary Cooke CEO of Medway Gender and Sexual Diversity Centre, approached me about helping set up a radio station for the community. Having recently left a station I had been asked by a few people about setting up a station, but Hilary’s passion and commitment to the community, not just the LGBT community but across the board is infectious. I thought about it over the Christmas break, and with one tweet saying we would open in time for LGBT History month we were in business.

January 2021 was a flood of activity, and we made it, we opened on February 1st. Medway is full of the most amazing talent, and we have been so very lucky in attracting DJs (both professional and some who never had done it before) from Medway and across the country.

When you tune in, you quickly discover we are different, for example we don’t have a top of the hour news, we donate the time to charities and community organisations. In fact, for them it is free to advertise. We want our listeners to know just what amazing things are being done by people all across Medway and Kent. We partnered with Wisdom Hospice and ran an auction for them on Good Friday and raised an amazing £500. Café Nucleus have donated competition prizes and sponsor our morning show, even make up company Jecca Blac helped get us off the ground!

So, what do we broadcast? Music of many genres - pop, rock, dance, R n B, show tunes, jazz, classical and even prog rock. However, we don’t stop there; we have a breakfast show to get you to work; a drive time show to get you home; a talking sport show with Kellie Maloney and sport scientist Joe Dunbar. Kellie also partners with her Big Brother housemate Dee Kelly for their Loose Lips chat show. Sunday sees a comedy hour, a comedy panel show from the lovely people at Much Laughter, and a poetry show listeners can get involved in. Monday to Thursday at 6pm we have community news, there is even a chance for young DJ’s to get involved with Superstar DJ on a Saturday morning.

However, as packed as our shows are we have found time to bring listeners the most amazing array of guests including Judy Murray, celebrity stylist Rachel Gold, trans icon Christine Burns MBE, award winning US LGBT journalist Mark Segal, actress Elizabeth Coffey Williams and author Ben Aaronavich. Music wise we have had Lilly Winwood, Susan Werner, Scarlette Fever, the bands Deco, Autumn Fires, Slackkr and The Hot 8 Brass Band. Most amazingly this list just scratches the surface.

We are without doubt the busiest radio station in Kent…

How do we do it all?

Tune in and find out! Or maybe even get involved at www.medwayprideradio.co.uk