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Rotary Club of Rochester

Andrew Warrilow

12 Oct 2021

Rotary members are determined to tackle some of the world’s biggest humanitarian challenges.

Through membership of their local club, individuals volunteer on community and humanitarian projects and activities which make a difference locally, nationally, and globally.

Rotary members are determined to tackle some of the world’s biggest humanitarian challenges. The greatest example of this is Rotary’s campaign to eradicate the world of polio, a paralysing disease affecting children. In 1985, Rotary pledged to rid the world of the disease, at a time when there were 1,000 cases per day in 125 countries.

Over three decades later, with the tireless volunteering and fundraising efforts from Rotary members, in collaboration with international partners, the number of cases worldwide has reduced by 99.9%, with over 2.5 billion children receiving a potentially life-saving vaccination.

Other international projects include supporting victims of environmental disasters with shelter, giving communities access to safe drinking water or building schools to educate communities out of poverty. The Rotary Club of Rochester has, for many years, provided financial support for Shelterbox and Mary’s Meals, making a real difference to people’s lives.

Closer to home, one of Rotary’s other leading commitments is to offer young people the platforms and opportunities for them to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons. Thousands of young people take part each year in Rotary’s Youth Competitions. Hosted in a range of creative and academic subjects, the competitions provide young people with an opportunity to develop their skills and showcase their talents. The Rotary Club of Rochester is involved in providing Youth Speaks and Young Musicians events in our local area.

As well as improving the lives of others, Rotary members take their own personal satisfaction from being part of a global community. Rotary was formed as a networking organisation and this still plays a part in Rotary life today. Rotary provides the opportunity to expand both personal and professional circles, meet new people, socialise and make lasting friendships, all while having fun and making a difference.

The Rotary Club of Rochester, which was established in 1928, has been actively involved in many projects directly supporting our local community, providing hands-on assistance and direct financial support. You may have seen some of our main fundraising activities in Rochester High Street at the Summer and Christmas Dickens events.

Recently, we have installed the defibrillator located on Rochester High Street and provided some funding for Medway Foodbank during the pandemic, as well as supporting numerous local community and youth groups through donations and active involvement. Rotary volunteers have also been providing direct support to local Covid vaccination centres.

If you would like to find out more about the activities of Rotary, and how you can become a member of The Rotary Club of Rochester, please emailt:

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