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Call that art? What rubbish!

Love Medway Team

10 Jul 2023

Why is Medway resident Kieran Poole proud to make rubbish art?

Medway resident Kieran Poole is proud to make rubbish art. Why? Because he creates mosaics out of litter atop a snooker table. Over the past year, Kieran has amassed thousands of lids and ring-pulls from plastic bottles and metal cans. Approximately, 80% of them are via litterpicks in the local area – a damning amount – and the rest have been upcycled by friends and family.

He said, “I started by doing trickshots on Instagram using litter and then someone challenged me to fill the table with it. I thought lids would be best because of their vibrant colours.”

It only took him two months. “It required around 1,600 lids and, once that was completed, I felt it would be a shame to end it there. So I began creating simple mosaics such as a cricket bat with stumps.”

He was then set the mammoth challenge of doing famous paintings such as The Scream and The Mona Lisa. “I laughed at first but managed to do both. They took a day each and I had to be weary of the wind! This is the biggest issue I face. The gusts blow the lids about which can be infuriating but that is what you get with an outdoor table.”

Why an outdoor table, you ask? “I have always wanted a snooker table since childhood but have never had the space. I do though in my garden for a full-size pool table so fulfilled a dream. Albeit, I had to pay more for a specially-designed outdoor table.”

Since making his litter version of The Mona Lisa, he has gone from strength to strength and now is in the position to sell canvases of the different pieces. “The eco canvases are great because they are made out of recycled plastic bottles (PET fibres). I get up a ladder and photograph the mosaic which is then printed on the canvas for people to buy for their walls at home.”

Kieran recently spoke at the Creative Medway Congress and Rubbish Snooker has featured on both BBC Radio Kent and BBC Radio London. You can visit his shop at and Etsy.

He is also part of The Lordswood and Walderslade Community Litter Group.

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