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It’s time to vote! Use your influence and make it count.

Updated: Jul 8

At the last general election, there were far more non-voters than the winning candidate’s majority in each of Medway’s constituencies!

The general election is imminent - on 4 July all those eligible and registered to vote can attend their local polling station and make their choice (and some have already decided, by voting postally).

I’ve been following the campaign coverage with interest and it concerns me when I hear that some people do not intend to vote. I’ve heard people saying that they can’t decide or that they don’t think their vote will make any difference. I even heard a caller on the radio say she really wanted to vote for her favoured party, but because she thinks they won’t win, she’s not going to do it! Well, they certainly won’t win if enough people subscribe to that twisted logic!

I’ve also listened to discussions on “tactical voting” which in my view is a distortion of the whole procedure – second guessing voting trends based on polling and acting accordingly. Surely the morally correct course of action is to vote according to your heart and mind – not concerning yourself with ifs, buts and perceived outcomes.

Democracy is about the collective population coming together as one voice. There seems to be a view in some quarters that placing a vote is equivalent to picking an item for a shopping cart – you choose, you get. Well that’s not democracy. It’s about adding your one voice to the many, and the majority carry the win.

That’s where the stats I have researched are so fascinating. In all of Medway’s three constituencies, each winning candidate enjoyed a healthy majority at the last (2019) general election.

However, in each case, the number of those registered voters who, for whatever reason, failed to show up at the polling station, massively outweighs that majority.

And it’s not just here in Medway. The number of non-voters nationally is greater than the sitting MP’s majority in 551 out of 650 constituencies: that’s more than 80%.

Here are the figures for each Medway constituency.


Kelly Tolhurst won with a majority of 17,072.

51,926 votes were cast in total, but the number of registered voters was 82,056.

That means 30,130 people just didn’t bother.


Rehman Chishti (Con) won with a majority of 15,119.

45,958 votes were cast in total, but the number of registered voters was 73,549.

This means 27,591 people failed to vote.


Tracey Crouch (Con) won with a majority of 18,540.

43,340 votes were cast in total, but the number of registered voters was 71,642.

So 28,302 people had better things to do than cast a vote.

In each case, the non-voters massively outweigh the winning majority.

Still think it’s not worth voting? Think again. Make the effort. Vote with your heart and have your say.

Here are all the Medway constituencies candidates for this year’s general election:


Burch, Peter Richard Ede - Heritage Party

Colley, Graham David - Liberal Democrats

Dabin, Daniel - Reform UK

Edwards, Lauren Rae - Labour Party

Innes, John - Workers Party

Jamieson, Cat - The Green Party

Tolhurst, Kelly Jane - The Conservative Party


Belmonte, Kate - The Green Party

Bourne, Stuart James - Liberal Democrats

Chishti, Rehman - The Conservative Party

Cook, Peter James - Independent

Khan, Naushabah Parveen - Labour Party

Peacock, Roger James - Christian Peoples Alliance

Rawoof, Rizvi - Reform UK

Wheeler, Peter Anthony - Social Democratic Party


Chan, Nicholas - Liberal Democrats

Gamester, Nathan Andrew - The Conservative Party

Mallon, Thomas - Reform UK

Ogundemuren, Adedotun Adesola - Christian Peoples Alliance

Osborne, Tristan John - Labour Party

Tanner, Steve - Social Democratic Party

Valentine, Matt - Workers Party

Winterbottom, Kim - The Green Party

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