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Latest news from Love Medway

Neil here with a March update. It’s been a busy start to the year! Love Medway Magazine is back in print, and we continue to gradually deveolop the radio station.


You can now download a Love Medway Radio skill from Amazon and play the station on your Alexa device!


Dedicated Love Medway Radio apps are incoming! The iOS one is nearly ready for launch, but we need help with Android. Please see here for more info.


You will now hear news bulletins on Love Medway Radio! Supplied by Radio News Hub, they appear at the top of the hour at certain times of day. There will also be sport, business, showbiz plus longer lunch and evening programmes on weekdays, as well as specials such as the recent Marie Curie Day of Reflection presented by Gaby Roslin.


Dan has a new ”proper“ job – one that pays money – so sadly we won’t hear as much of his raucous laughter on air for the time being. BUT! New recruits DJ Timmy G and Lee Everest bring a distinctly weekend dance flavour to the station. Tim’s mix can be heard on Saturday, and Lee hosts Ready For the Weekend on Fridays plus the Dance Party on Saturdays (replacing Dan’s Get Your Bangers Out). Together with Amy, Onyx, Kayleigh, and Liz, we have a growing team of volunteers. But we need more…


We still have a long way to go before the daytime schedule is fully populated by live presenters. Breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon and drive are essential live slots for a radio station and currently we’ve only magaged one – that’s me doing breakfast. If you or anyone you know in Medway has any broadcast experience and would like to be involved in this new local station, please email for more info. At the moment we have no income; we’re operating from home on a shoestring budget so we need volunteers. But the ambition is to create a local radio business.


Please tune in and give us some feedback. What do you want from a local radio station? Is there anything we could be doing differently? What would you like to hear?

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