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Support the Hygiene Bank Medway

The Hygiene Bank Medway are a Kent based project of a national grassroots charity, like a foodbank but for hygiene products, trying to meet the need locally for those in poverty or crisis. Our ethos is give local, help local.  We want to bring communities together to tackle hygiene poverty by providing essential donated products to the vulnerable across the Medway towns in conjunction with our network of charity partners & schools. 

Many people living in poverty or those who find themselves in times of a major life crisis often have to make the distressing decision to eat or stay clean because they can't afford to do both. We aim to break the stigma of hygiene poverty. It is shaming, humiliating and excluding and can result in social isolation. Hygiene poverty leads to a crippling lack of confidence and negatively affects good health and mental well-being. These can impact early childhood development, learning, employability and social interaction.  


The Hygiene Bank Medway Hygiene Bank encourages people and businesses in Medway to donate essential toiletries, hygiene, beauty and grooming products via drop off points and collector schemes. Our drop off points include local shops, sports centres, community groups and schools or we can accept donations via our online Wishlist.  We rely on the kindness and generosity of others to carry out our vital work. 


All these products are collected, sorted and given out to a network of organisations and services that support vulnerable and struggling people. The Hygiene Bank doesn't give products to individuals directly - we partner with local schools and existing charities such as foodbanks, supported housing schemes, refuges, hostels and social services who then distribute the products to the people they are working with. This means everything donated locally stays in the area and is given out to local families and individuals living in crisis.  Currently we distribute products via a network of over 70 Community Partners and School’s partners, including Open House Project, Nigerian Association Kent & Medway, Medway Foodbank, Home Start Medway, Council Family Hubs. Supporting a wide range of partners ensures that we reach a diverse range of people of all ages, sexes and ethnicities across Medway and surrounding areas.  

See the links below and find out how to support The Hygiene Bank Medway, if you can.


Twitter: @THBMedway 

Facebook: The Hygiene Bank Medway 

Instagram: THB Medway 


Just Giving Page: 


We are local branch of the national charity, The Hygiene Bank. 

Charity number: 1181267 

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