Paintings, drawings and cards by Adèle Love, alongside jewellery by Olivia Schlevogt, will be on display between 11 – 17 May in the Halpern Pop Gallery,
15A High Street, Rochester, ME1 1PY. (Gallery open daily 10am – 4pm.)


A synergistic mix of vibrant, colourful paintings and drawings meet exquisite, bespoke hand-made jewellery for one week only. An uplifting, joyful exhibition by established artist Adèle Love and award-winning jeweller Olivia Schlevogt, both based in Rochester. 


A coming together of spontaneous emotionally expressive 2D work with beautiful 3D work meticulously worked to the finest detail. Two different approaches to making but both worked on over many weeks. 


The work

Adèle is a spontaneous painter who loves colour. It is her passion, guide, starting point, way through her work and end point, resonating and telling her when a painting is finished.  Adèle enters the studio and lays colour down, seeing what emerges from her subconscious , what mood she wishes to convey. An organic emotionally driven process with landscape references drawn from memory, layered, scraped away, and worked on over weeks until the painting just shares ‘something’ and Adèle knows it is working. There is no preconceived idea, no need to build a body of work that fits. Each painting is a unique journey.


Olivia Schlevogt’s work is characterised by strong, clear and simple shapes, softened with a matt texture and surface detail. The geometric forms are made in gold or silver and detailed with fused yellow and white gold ornamentation, sometimes adding diamonds to highlight the design, and including precious and semi-precious stones. Olivia creates one-off pieces or small collections of characteristic design- all high-quality work.



Adèle has been a practising artist for over twenty years having graduated in 1999. She has worked in various art organisations over the years; in a commercial gallery in London’s West End, as the first Curator for The Sidney Cooper Gallery in Canterbury and for The Royal British Society of Sculptors in Kensington, London. 

As a result of learning the business side of art from the inside, she used this knowledge to promote her own exhibitions, gaining sponsorship and publicity for her work in local and national press.  Then she took over ten years out to focus on being a mother. She is now re-establishing herself on the art scene. 

Adèle has exhibited widely in group exhibitions at galleries across the UK and has work in BP Amoco and University of Hertfordshire’s permanent collections. Her painting ‘Promise’ won “Best Professional Abstract or Experimental Art Award” in the SAA Artist of the Year 2020 competition. 


Olivia was born in South Germany where she completed a Jewellery apprenticeship before continuing her training at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Rochester and then became self employed in 1999. 

She has won many prizes for design and craftmanship and is now well established with a workshop in Rochester where she teaches, works to commission and exhibits internationally. 










Adèle 07759 663015