Top 10 wedding planning tips

If you're planning a celebration, SOS Entertainment offer these handy hints…

1. Budget

Set a realistic budget before you do anything else - and decide who is paying for what. In order to stick to it, make sure you factor in all the details and don’t forget additional costs like gifts and dress alterations. Remember that the cheapest is not always the best, so ask for references and look at examples of their work.

2. Guests


The biggest wedding expense is probably going to be your guests, so draw up a list early and make sure you only include people you really want to be there. Then you will be able to find the right venue that can accommodate your chosen number. Your “all day” guests, comprising close friends and family, will join you for the ceremony and wedding breakfast;  whereas your guests who come just for the reception will only incur an extra cost if you are supplying an evening buffet.

3. Seating plan

It’s a good idea to start this as early as you can. It can be much more difficult than you expect it to be – a logistical headache! Always remember that not all of your friends and family get on, so be sure to do your homework before you do your seating plan.

4. Menu

Select a menu that reflects you and your partner’s tastes by choosing your own favourite dishes, rather than being driven by the dietary requirements of other people. It’s vital to ask your guests if they have any food allergies. Some people suffer from extremely sensitive conditions – for example even the presence of peanuts in the room it can cause a reaction through the air!

5. Kids

Be consistent with your policy on children - are they all welcome; will it be immediate family only; or do you want an adult-only wedding? Whatever you choose, make sure you stick to it to avoid hurt feelings. It could cause a problem if you let one family member bring their children but not let another bring theirs!

6. Website

Make a wedding website so that all your guests and family members can visit one place to check all the details of your day. This can include the gift list, the day’s itinerary, as well as transport and accommodation information. Friends and family can also post and share any photos from your special day.

7. Ground rules

Make sure you’re aware of any restrictions at the church and reception venue, such as whether confetti as allowed.
Some wedding venues state that you have to clean the venue at the end of the night or pay a extra charge some even keep your deposit if this is not done! Check if your venue will allow your DJ to use smoke or haze machines – if they’re not warned prior to the DJ using it, the whole place could be evacuated due to the fire alarm being set off by the smoke/haze.

8. Stay organised

Keep accurate records of all your transactions with suppliers and venues, and ensure you have a list of contacts handy on the day itself in case you need to make contact with a missing driver! It’s always handy to a second set of suppliers in reserve, should any of those you have chosen let you down. Draw up contracts stipulating full refunds and compensation in the event that the agreed work isn’t carried out.

9. Thank you

Don’t forget to thank your wedding party and those who have played a part in your big day – arrange small gifts as a thank you. If you don’t have the budget for any gifts, then a thank you during your speeches or via the DJ’s Microphone will do, just so they know you appreciate all they have done for you

10. Have fun!

No one will enjoy a day hosted by a stressed-out couple who are overwhelmed by last-minute panics. With careful planning and organisation, you will be able to relax and make the most of all the special moments with your loved ones. Enjoy yourselves – it will fly by! Why not treat yourselves and your guests to some entertainment in the evening? Some companies offer white adult bouncy castles, cash grabbers (Crystal Maze), photobooths etc.