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Medway Poetry Night is a new monthly event for poetry lovers in Rochester

Love Medway Team

17 Jul 2023

Medway Poetry Night launches a new monthly event!

On 7 July, 2023, Chika Jones, a performance poet living in Medway, announced a collaboration with Turaka, an experience company set up by Aduke Aladekomo, a musician. The collaboration birthed a poetry community for Medway residents.

Named ‘Medway Poetry Night’ it is a monthly event where lovers of poetry can come together and enjoy the diverse range of the art form. It is a stage for poets in Medway who want or need a space to read, perform or scream their poems. The event’s director, Chika Jones, has tagged it as - “Welcoming, necessary and a place for the new and the old, the seasoned veterans and those just starting on this journey of sharing their poetry.”

The event is scheduled for the third Saturday of every month starting at 6pm. The venue, generously provided by Turaka, is Unit 52/53, Box City, Sunderland Quays, Culpeper Close, Rochester ME2 4HN.

The maiden event is slated for 22 July and will feature an Open Mic where everyone is welcome to share their work, plus a Feature Poet, Chika Jones, a seasoned performance poet. As well as all this there will be music.

Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased here -

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