The Chatham Intra Songwriting Project

Love Medway Team

23 Mar 2022

New music inspired by Sun Pier to Star Hill.

Live Music Now put a call out to those aged 55 and over in the Chatham area, to take part in creative workshops with their singer-songwriters Zoe Wren and Thomas Harvey. No musical experience was required to take part.

The workshops took place at INTRA community arts in February and March, where a new piece of music was created, inspired by personal stories and memories of the Sun Pier to Star Hill area.

The finished song was recorded for participants to keep and share. It will also be shared through Live Music Now media channels.

The photos show the workshops in progress.

Find out more at the Live Music Now website.

Supported by Historic England’s High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) Programme in collaboration with MedwayCouncil.